Supporting teams to reach their optimal performance, while empowering each member to find fulfillment.

We often hear that “leaders are only as successful as their team”. But how to achieve this success, considering that we are essentially referring to the sum of diverse individuals, each carrying a unique experience, culture, personality and aspirations?

Through group coaching, using the ORSC™ methodology, successful teams allow all voices to be heard, to develop trust, while keeping focus on their common purpose. In this context, achieving goals requires tapping into the Collective Intelligence. A challenging but necessary exercise, for organisations aiming to ensure performance and retention.

Our corporate workshops are designed and delivered on a bespoke basis according to the organisation’s needs. After establishing a diagnostic, the group coaching is facilitated in person, on site. It can be delivered at the company site or ideally, as part of an external corporate retreat.

Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™) is an innovative and powerful coaching model based on Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI). A ‘relationship system’ is any interdependent group of people, sharing a common identity or function.

Beyond Emotional Intelligence (relationship with oneself) and Social Intelligence (relationship with others) is the realm of Relationship Systems Intelligence, where one’s focus shifts to the relationship with the group, team or system. This coaching methodology creates sustainable and resilient teams and organisationsContact