We help young people navigate the challenges unique to the transition from adolescent to young adult,
preparing them for the professional world.

Through mentoring and evidence-based coaching, we provide a non-judgmental zone, where they can feel safe and empowered to be themselves.
With our guidance, they acquire the necessary skills for a brilliant academic and professional journey,
while learning to care for their Wellbeing, to ensure a sustainable success.

Our values:
Ethics I Empathy I Non-judgment I Expertise


For Youth, life is more challenging than ever before. They are expected to excel in school, college, first job, while balancing a social life, extracurriculars, family and overall happiness. Our Youth Academic Resilience program equips them to handle the increasing demands, put so early on their shoulders. Career Discovery and Early Career programs support them in making decisions that will shape the bright future they deserve.


Why Youth Coaching?

  • A Certified Youth Coach has a deep understanding of the emotional state in adolescents. We focus on understanding that risk- taking, impulsivity and emotional reactivity are natural in the adolescent stage.
  • Trained to help young people (13 to 25 years old) navigate the challenges unique to the adolescent or young adult stage through research-based coaching. We are there to encourage young clients to rise and thrive through self-mastery, self-advocacy, and self-determination.
  • Interventions are designed to foster resilience, optimism, social/emotional competencies, and problem-solving skills.


The outcomes of successful youth coaching:

  • Clients are able to achieve self-determination and self-advocacy.
  • Clients are able to identify the internal resources they bring to their experiences and how they contribute to their outcomes.
  • They develop resilience, self-awareness, identity, strengths, interests, values, and desires to enhance self-regulation and self- mastery.
  • Clients understand the function of social connectedness to success and wellness.
  • Clients achieve goal-orientation for fit in education, job paths, and prosocial groups conducive to those goals.

Laser focused session:

These sessions aim to support Teenagers who need a targeted 60 minutes session to work on a short-term, specific goal that requires quick and immediate coaching.

Academic Resilience package:

It is focused on resource optimization, personal development, social development, and structural support development to create resilience and thrive in their Academic journey.

  • 1 hour weekly sessions for 10 weeks.
  • Includes assessments, surveys, tools, practice and week-to-week accountability, check-in.
  • Examples of these sessions may include workload management, study skills, time management, relationships at school, academic stress and anxiety, and improving grades.
  • This program can also be delivered as a school or college group workshop.

Career discovery package:

It is geared toward college and career goals, providing support to choose the best education and professional fit.

  • 1 hour weekly sessions for 10 weeks.
  • Includes inventories, career assessments, research, analysis, practice, week-to-week accountability check-in.
  • This program can also be delivered as a school or college group workshop.

Early career coaching package:

  • Designed to help young adults navigate through their first years of professional life. Exploring personal characteristics like personality, strengths, skills, needs, values, and goals to select the type of work and environment that fit them.
  • 1 hour weekly sessions for 10 weeks.
  • Includes assessments, job search tools such as CV and interviews preparation, building a professional image, confidence, stress management, time management, navigating work relationships, with week-to-week accountability check-in.

Away from home Mentoring package:

  • These sessions are dedicated to college students who leave their parents’ home for the first time.
  • Providing guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling on life skills such as balancing a check book, making administrative procedures, healthy cooking, housekeeping, building a social life…