Through our Resilience programs and insight from a human resources leadership perspective, Executives are equipped to succeed, even while navigating the hardship of expatriation.

With our support, they learn to develop their resilience and overcome the most complex challenges, to achieve optimal and sustainable performance, without compromising their well-being.

Executives are expected to constantly perform and adapt to an ever-changing environment, while balancing demands from diverse stakeholders. When faced with the trials of their role, the elite few take specific actions that drive them towards achieving their goals.



Laser focused session:

These sessions are designed for leaders who need a targeted 60 minutes session to work on a short-term, specific goal that needs quick and immediate coaching.

Executive leadership coaching program:

Dedicated to leaders willing to improve their soft skills by exploring their leadership capabilities, personality, values and goals. As a result they will find their authentic leadership style, optimize management skills, develop positive work relationships and inspire their team.

This program helps strengthen leaders, uncover blind spots, and change behaviors that directly impact business results. It is also an excellent way to support leaders who are transitioning into a new role or taking on larger responsibilities.

  • 1 hour weekly sessions for 10 weeks.
  • Includes inventories, assessments, practice, week-to-week accountability check-in.

Career coaching package:

Dedicated to empowering leaders to find fulfilment in their current role or to prepare a career change.

We tap into the self- and situational-awareness necessary to find clarity and direction in order to improve work-life experiences. We work to develop the self-management, professional skills, and positive coping methods necessary to optimize your work life.

If an employment or career change is the goal, you will be empowered with strategies and specific action plans along with practical support for your search, CV and interview preparation.

  • 1 hour weekly sessions for 10 weeks.
  • Includes inventories, assessments, research, analysis, practice, week-to- week accountability check-in.

The Resilient Expatriate coaching package:

Supporting Executives and their families facing the hardship of expatriation.
By providing guidance as they embark on a new chapter of their lives, they are empowered to not only cope but thrive.

This is a tailor-made program that can include Executive leadership coaching, life and/or career coaching for the spouse as well as academic resilience coaching for their children.
The content of the program is discussed and established during the first, 45 minutes, free of charge, consultation session.